Was it you? Was it me? Wood keeps us guessing in her cleverly written literary composure. Regan’s cheerful demeanor, klutzy personality, and intriguing past will make a fan out of any reader! Don’t let this riveting mystery of a murder too close to home be the one that got away!


About Kelly

Kelly Wood loves to write the kind of books she likes to read, light-hearted cozy mysteries. She likes to curl up with a good book or seek adventure. She has hiked active volcanos only to sled down them, jumped out of airplanes, hiked behind waterfalls, and run up the 700+ stairs at the Vatican.

Kelly loves to travel. Her passport has 23 stamps and counting. She has backpacked through Europe and Central America, along with many other countries in between. She now lives in Northwest Indiana with her husband and can be found writing most days.

Recent Works


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